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Roof Shingles

Steel Roofing

Metal roofs are becoming an increasingly popular option for their stunning look and durability. While they can be more expensive than traditional asphalt roofs, homeowners recoup this savings over time, as metal roofs can last as long as 70 years. We use a number of products, but find the most popular to be Century Rib and AR Standing Seam. Ask your estimator for images and details on the options availbale!

A Courtney Roofing estimator will review your options with you. In addition to cost, choosing the right roof depends on several factors:

  • Style of house

  • Slope of the roof

  • Condition of the roof

  • Number of layers of existing roofing


Residential Repairs


Don’t put off roof repairs. A leak can cost you thousands of dollars to fix if there is water damage inside your home. In London, Ontario one of the most common problems is ice damming, when a blocked eaves trough causes water and ice to build up along the roofline.


Leaks can also be caused by faulty installation, weather damage or the age of shingles. If you have a low-sloped roof or a sky light, water can pool, causing leaks.


We will provide a FREE ESTIMATE and quick repair.


For 24-hour emergency repairs,

call 519-652-6859 in London and area.

We now offer financing!

Ask us about our financing options.


Century Rib // Picture: Agway Metals Inc.

Century Rib // Picture: Agway Metals Inc.


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